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Introducing "Muze It Outreach" – a tailor-made experience for each school! Our mission is to utilize the creative and ethical gifts of African and American music, embracing cultural heritage as a powerful form of artistic expression. Through this program, we aim to foster positive images and empower young people to excel academically, becoming leaders in their communities and beyond.

"Muze It" is not just a program; it's a unique blend of musical and cultural experiences. Grounded in the traditional rhythm repertoire and dances of the West African Mande diaspora, Muze It also encompasses educational activities that unveil the artistry, meaning, and cultural background of hip-hop dance performance. By combining these elements, Muze It offers a continuum of teachings, connecting the historical black cultural traditions of the Motherland (Africa) with the vibrant expressions of the African American diaspora.

Muze It Outreach Program

Program Packet

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