The Muze It Outreach Program's mission is to use the creative and ethical gifts of African and American music and cultural heritage as a form of artistic expression; and also to promote positive images and to help young people become better students such that they reach their full potential as leaders in their communities and beyond. 


Muze It is a foundational musical and cultural program with a curriculum grounded in Djembe drum based rhythm repertoire and other dances of the West African Mande diaspora. Muze It is also a range of educational activities that expose students and the public to the artistry, meaning, and cultural background of hip-hop dance performance. When combined, Muze It is a continuum of teachings from the historical black, cultural traditions of the Motherland (Africa) and the African American diaspora.


Project Goals

Muze It addresses its mission by providing the following goals: 1) to provide artistic development to students through ongoing practices, workshops and performance opportunities where participants acquire discipline, presentation and critical thinking skills; 2) to provide leadership training to prepare students to be educators and to support  their learning and understanding of certain mathematical skills (to master the techniques of drum and dance one must use certain basic mathematical timing and sequencing); and 3) to encourage social activism and social responsibility by working with a host of community partners throughout Baltimore City and region to raise the standards of thinking for budding student artists and audiences alike.


This Program is sponsored in part by: OSI-Baltimore Community Fellowship. Watch Video or Click here to learn more.


Urban Foli is a musical theater performance group that expresses traditional African drumming and dance bridged with contemporary sound and movements. Urban Foli uses ethnomusicology to cultivate a mixture of West African and African American percussion and culture.

Under ancient tradition, each ethnic/tribal group or percussionist develops their own sound; Urban Foli encourages its members to combine ancient teachings with the evolution of R&B and hip-hop culture and sound. The goal is not only to preserve traditional music and history, but to continue the legacy of percussion and movement that has been passed down in the Americas. The group’s mission is to expose as many as possible to the fusion of mainstream contemporary music and culture with ancient African beats, movement and sounds.


T: 443-986-3289

E: booking@urbanfoli.com

Class Location: 1634 Guilford Ave. Baltimore MD 21214 (Lanvale St., Entrance)

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