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Immerse yourself in the vibrant heartbeat of traditional African drumming and dance with Urban Foli's enriching workshop experience. Our workshops are a dynamic fusion of age-old rhythms, contemporary sounds, and movements that transcend cultural boundaries. Rooted in a mission to preserve traditional music and culture, Urban Foli invites participants on a transformative journey to explore the legacy of diasporic percussion.

In our workshops, participants have the unique opportunity to engage with the rich tapestry of traditional African Diasporic rhythm and sound.


Led by seasoned artist and performer, Menes Yahudah, our workshops aim to unity the participants as they work to build the rhythm being taught. We believe in the power of cultural exploration to foster a sense of connection, understanding, and appreciation for diversity within our global community.



Corporate Workshop

Corporate Team Building

Our workshops offer a unique blend of team-building exercises, rhythmic coordination, and cultural exploration, creating an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary. Led by seasoned artists and percussion experts, Urban Foli's Drum Workshop is an engaging and interactive way to break down barriers, promote teamwork, and inspire creativity among your team members.

Through the power of percussion, participants will learn to listen, respond, and synchronize their efforts in a dynamic and fun-filled environment. The workshop not only builds camaraderie but also provides a refreshing break from the routine, infusing energy and enthusiasm into your team.

Urban Foli's corporate drum workshops are tailored to suit all skill levels, ensuring that everyone can actively participate and contribute to the collective rhythm. Whether you're looking to kick off a conference, enhance team communication, or simply invigorate your workplace culture, our Drum Workshop is the perfect choice.

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