Muze It Festival 2016

Date: May 27, 2017; 10:00am-1:30pm 

Where: Greenmount West Community Center
1634 Guilford Ave. Baltimore MD 21202

Workshops: African Dance, Hip Hop Dance, and African Drum 

DRUM Class Schedule

  • Beginners (2-6yrs) - 

  • Beginners (7-12yrs)

  • ​Intermediate (7-12yrs)


DANCE Class Schedule

  • Hip-Hop Dance - Talbot Johnson​

  • Modern Dance - Kutia Jawara​

  • African Dance - Bintou Kouyate

Community Class Showcase; 6:00pm-7:00pm
Where: Outside Common Area
Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School
1600 Guilford Ave. Baltimore MD 21202

Urban Foli is a musical theater performance group that expresses traditional African drumming and dance bridged with contemporary sound and movements. Urban Foli uses ethnomusicology to cultivate a mixture of West African and African American percussion and culture.

Under ancient tradition, each ethnic/tribal group or percussionist develops their own sound; Urban Foli encourages its members to combine ancient teachings with the evolution of R&B and hip-hop culture and sound. The goal is not only to preserve traditional music and history, but to continue the legacy of percussion and movement that has been passed down in the Americas. The group’s mission is to expose as many as possible to the fusion of mainstream contemporary music and culture with ancient African beats, movement and sounds.


T: 443-986-3289


Class Location: 1634 Guilford Ave. Baltimore MD 21214 (Lanvale St., Entrance)

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